Who We Are

M30 Bullet Proof Apparel is a team of proud Americans that are devoted to decreasing the number of fatalities and injuries caused by gun violence. Over the past 25 years gun violence has become a tragic part of American culture. We can simply turn on the television set to see another mass or public shooting in movie theaters, concerts or even in schools! M30 Bulletproof Apparel was birthed as a response to the question “what can we do to make America a safer place while respecting the 2ndamendment?”

M30 Bulletproof Apparel provides fashionable, discreet clothing that is designed to fit into every wardrobe. In addition to providing bulletproof clothing we aim to teach people about the increase of gun violence in America. We have committed to donating a portion of each product sold to families of gun violence victims and Organizations/charities that mission statement align with ours.

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